t-Butyl 4-bromobutanoate CAS: 110611-91-1


t-Butyl 4-bromobutanoate CAS: 110611-91-1

Basic Information:

Product name: 4-tert-butyl bromobutyrate
Alias: tert-butyl bromobutyrate; Alagoli impurity 12; Tert-butyl 4-bromobutyrate; 4-bromobutyl tert-butyl ester
CAS number: 110611-91-1
Molecular formula: C71H110NO15P
Molecular weight: 1248.63
Structural Formula:

t-Butyl 4-bromobutanoate

EINECS NO.:221-592-9

Product Detail

Product Tags

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance and properties: colorless transparent liquid
Odor: No data
Melting/freezing point (°C) : No data available
pH value: No data available
Boiling point, initial boiling point and boiling range (°C) : 225.9°C at 760 mmHg
Spontaneous combustion temperature (°C) : No data available
Flash point (°C) : 117.1°C
Decomposition temperature (°C) : No data available
Explosion limit [% (volume fraction)] : No data available
Evaporation rate [acetate (n) butyl ester in 1] : No data available
Saturated vapor pressure (kPa) : 0.0843mmHg at 25°C
Flammability (solid, gas) : No data available
Relative density (water in 1) : 1.258g/cm3
Vapor density (air in 1) : No data N-octanol/water partition coefficient (lg P) : no data available
Odor threshold (mg/m³) : No data available
Solubility: No data available
Viscosity: No data available
Stability: This product is stable when stored and used at normal ambient temperature.

Safety information

First aid measure
Inhalation: If inhaled, move the patient to fresh air.
Skin contact: Remove contaminated clothing and rinse skin thoroughly with soap and water. If you feel uncomfortable, seek medical attention.
Eye contact: Separate eyelids and rinse with running water or normal saline. Seek immediate medical attention.
Ingestion: Gargle, do not induce vomiting. Seek immediate medical attention.

Fire protection measures
Extinguishing agent:
Extinguish fire with water mist, dry powder, foam or carbon dioxide extinguishing agent. Avoid using direct running water to extinguish the fire, which may cause splashing of flammable liquid and spread the fire.
Special hazards:
No data

Fire precautions and protective measures:
Fire personnel should wear air breathing apparatus, wear full fire clothing, and fight fire upwind.
If possible, move the container from the fire to an open area.
Containers in the fire area must be evacuated immediately if they are discolored or emit sound from the safety relief device.
Isolate the accident site and prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering.
Contain and treat fire water to prevent environmental pollution.

Storage condition

Keep the container sealed, store in a cool, dry place, storage temperature should not exceed 37°C, should be separated from oxidants, food chemicals, do not mix storage.


50kg 200kg/barrel or packed according to customer requirements.

Application fields

It is an organic intermediate that can be obtained by esterification of 4-bromobutyrate and tert-butanol. It has been reported that 4-tert-butyl bromobutyrate can be used to prepare an artificial antigen of eugenol and a test strip for the detection of isomylurea.

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