The application fields of T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate


The application fields of T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate

T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate is a colorless, transparent liquid that can be employed as an organic intermediate in a variety of chemical processes. The product has the CAS number 110611-91-1 and the chemical formula C8H15BrO2. T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate has a boiling point of 225.9°C, a flash point of 117.1°C, and a density of 1.258g/cm3. T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate is stable when stored and utilized at room temperature, but it should be kept away from oxidants, food chemicals, and direct sunshine.

T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate is commonly used in the creation of fake antigens for immunological research. T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate, for example, has been shown to be capable of generating an artificial antigen of eugenol, a phenolic molecule commonly used in perfumery, flavoring, and dentistry. The artificial antigen can be used to develop antibodies against eugenol and to investigate its immunogenicity and allergenicity.

T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate has also been used in the production of test strips for the detection of isomylurea, a metabolite of the herbicide isoproturon. Isomylurea is toxic to aquatic species and can contaminate water supplies. As a result, its existence and concentration in the environment must be monitored. T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate can be used to change the surface of gold nanoparticles, which can then be utilized to make a colorimetric test strip for the quick and sensitive detection of isomylurea.

T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate is a flexible and valuable chemical intermediate that can be used in a variety of chemistry and biology applications. The product is high in purity, has a reasonable price. T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate is manufactured by New Venture Enterprise, a multi-faceted company that combines R&D, manufacturing, and sales of pharmaceutical intermediates and chemicals. The company has two primary manufacturing sites in Changshu and Jiangxi, where it primarily manufactures and operates a wide range of pharmaceutical intermediates and specialized chemicals, nucleosides, polymerization inhibitors, petrochemical additives, amino acids, and other goods. It’s widely utilized in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, paint, plastic, food, and water treatment industries, among others.

T-Butyl 4-Bromobutanoate is a product that can suit the requirements of consumers seeking high-quality organic intermediates. If you are interested, please contact us.

Post time: Nov-29-2023